Since January 2009, Athenaeum Library package has been included with Kamar. As of February 2016, over 130 schools are using Athenaeum as part of KAMAR's offer.  In total, over 240 schools are using Athenaeum across New Zealand and around the world.

Athenaeum is built on FileMaker, the same as KAMAR. This means there is direct interaction between the two products. They are hosted on the same FileMaker Server.

Fees can be generated in KAMAR from Athenaeum for overdue books.

If your school has not taken advantage of this offer, please check out Athenaeum's website.
What's the real deal:

As part of your KAMAR annual rental, Athenaeum's rental is covered, including updates to the program.

Support is provided by Sumware Ltd and not the KAMAR helpdesk

One hour of support is provided, this is generally used for the setup and conversion of your library data into the new format.

E-mail support is free to all users of Athenaeum.
SumWare Consulting offer support contracts to cover on-line training, direct remote support and workshops. Details can be found at the Athenaeum Support page.

If you would like to speak to schools who have already accepted this offer, please either contact Désirée or Rob ( and feel free to contact any librarians on the Athenaeum Customer Quotes page

If you want a search facility on your school website, this will be additional.