From 2014 onwards, the requirements for University Entrance (UE) are changing
UE Numeracy

The change to UE numeracy makes the new requirement the same as the new NCEA Level 1 numeracy requirement.  This means that students in Year 11 from 2012 who achieve NCEA Level 1 will have also met the new UE numeracy requirement

UE Literacy

Students in Year 12 from 2013 may meet their UE literacy requirement through a range of Level 2 or above standards that have yet to be identified.  NZQA will ensure that schools are advised which standards apply by April 2013.

How does this effect KAMAR ?

The new UE Numeracy requirements do not take effect until 2014 onwards.

According to NZQA when we sought clarification on this:
Strictly speaking the student will not have met the numeracy requirement in 2012 and 2013 if they only have 10 credits of numeracy. By 2014 they will have met the requirement even if they did so in 2011, 2012 or 2013.

At this time, KAMAR will continue to report both the L1 Numeracy and UE Numeracy status as separate totals for students for the remainder of 2012 and 2013

From 2014 onwards, the new University Entrance requirements will have come into effect, this will mean:
  • L1 Numeracy and UE Numeracy will no longer be separate items, and thus will just be called 'Numeracy'
  • University Entrance will now require NCEA Level 3, including both Numeracy (10 credits) and UE Literacy (yet to be confirmed)

NZQA results will not reflect the new University Entrance requirements until the 2014 results, published at the start of 2015.
Results for 2013, published at the start of 2014 will still apply the current University Entrance requirements.

For example:
If we assume, for this case, that the student concerned had only got the 10 credits at level 1 from the approved numeracy standards then by the time they enter university, at the beginning of 2015, the change in the numeracy requirement would then mean that they had met the "current" (2014 onwards) UE requirement of the day.