The KAMAR Update 911v60 is a maintenance update which includes minor changes and bug fixes to KAMAR

Key Changes

The main change in this update is the addition of a new export for NZQA of Practise External Results, which some schools may be asked to submit later this year.

Info from NZQA: We suggested that some schools might like to send us any quality-assured practice results for externals to tuck aside as emergency derived grades, should they be needed in case they don't have access to their SMS (as occurred for some schools after the Christchurch Earthquakes)

Update Information

Schools are encouraged to use the Server Update to apply the KAMAR update, plus ensure they remain up to date.

Instructions for setting up / configuring the Server Update.

The Server update was introduced during 2010 and has been the most reliable way of updating KAMAR once correctly configured.  In addition, because it can be scheduled to run overnight - it doesn't require technician or down-time during school hours.

If you need assistance setting up / testing the Server Update, please contact our helpdesk.

Manual Update

Schools can apply the manual update by stopping FileMaker Server and opening the 'KAMARUpdate.fp7' file which is located in the 'DataS' folder.