FileMaker Inc. have announced the release of FileMaker 12, including new versions of FileMaker Pro, Advanced, Server and Go.

FileMaker 12 Client - New Features

  • More design layout tools: Use new gradients, image slicing, and alignment guides to get the design precision you need.
  • Enhanced container fields: Drag and drop files into your database, render images faster, and securely store and manage data externally.
  • Quick Charts: Create and modify charts in a snap with the new integrated set-up window.
  • Window styles: Format a window as a modal dialog or floating 'palette-type' window.
  • Eye-catching layout themes: Apply one of 40 stunning new themes to instantly change the look of your database (for use by developers)

FileMaker 12 Server - New Features

  • Faster WAN Performance: Get greater performance over a wide area network (WAN) with FileMaker Server 12. Finding data can be up to 40% faster as FileMaker Server sends less data across the network with fewer round trips.
  • 64-bit Application: FileMaker Server 12 can have more memory available to run even faster, especially with large databases or a large number of client connections.
  • More Stable Architecture: Re-architected database server. Scripts and plug-ins run together as a separate process, and Progressive Backups run independently as well
  • Speedy Web Publishing: With the ability to handle multiple data requests at the same time, along with more efficient memory processing, you will see performance improvements of up to 65% when your custom websites interact with the PHP or XML API.

FileMaker 12 Go - New

FileMaker Go is now available as a free download via the App Store.

This requires FileMaker 12 Client software to create the initial database.

Please note, KAMAR will not run on FM Go.


Question: Can I run KAMAR using FileMaker 12?
Answer: No - At this time, KAMAR only supports FileMaker 11.
FileMaker 12 introduces a new file format.  Because of this, it is not possible to connect with FileMaker 12 Client to FileMaker 11 Server (or vice-versa).

Question: Does this mean we have to convert all our files in order to use FileMaker 12?
Answer: Yes - files will need to be converted to the new file format. We expect to automate this process as much as possible.

Question: Does the conversion mean we will lose all our custom report designs like the FM6 to FM9 conversion?
Answer: No - Unlike the FM6 to FM9 conversion (which was a major back-end overhaul),  the FM11 to FM12 conversion is mainly an interface overhaul. We are however, making changes which will require re-linking files and some fields on layouts, but the overall process will remain unchanged.

Question: What are the key changes between FM11 and FM12?
Answer: The main change is an overhaul of the Interface Design tools available, which will enable us to add a more modern look and feel.  There are also changes to FileMaker server to improve LAN and WAN performance.

Question: Does this mean the way KAMAR looks / works will change?
Answer: We are taking this opportunity to modernise the look of KAMAR, taking advantage of the new interface tools now available - however we are ensuring that the layout / flow remains the same.

Question: When will KAMAR support FileMaker 12?
Answer: At this time, we are expecting to start beta testing in the second half of 2013 - with rollout to schools for the start of 2014 onwards

Question: Does this mean we have to update to KAMAR on FileMaker 12 when released?
Answer: No.  Unlike the change from FM6 to FM9, there isn't the same backend changes and we are planning a staggered roll out to schools during 2014

Question: How long will we be able to use FM11?
Answer: Once we start rolling out KAMAR on FM12, active development of KAMAR on FM11 will cease.  We will continue to release bug fixes and MoE / NZQA compliance changes for at least a year after initial release.  It is expected support will be up until the end of 2014

Question: When can I download FileMaker 12 ?
Answer: FileMaker Client and Server are available in the 'Downloads' area