Please be advised that Paul Smith @ NZQA is on annual leave from Monday 20th February and will return on Monday 5th March.

Any schools e-mailing to request the history for a student are requested to wait until his return.

Student NCEA Results History

KAMAR Includes the ability to request from NZQA a students NCEA results history (current and past years)

This is currently a manual process, requiring an e-mail to be sent to Paul Smith @ NZQA with the NSI, date of birth, etc of the student(s).

Main Menu ⇒ Admin ⇒ NZQA ⇒ Overview ⇒ Import Results

Step One : Request History
• This will generate an e-mail with the necessary details of the requesting student(s)

Step Two : Import History
• Once you receive a reply from Paul Smith @ NZQA, he will include a file to import