An issue has been identified where the 2011 Markbooks containing the following External Achievement Standards have been updated to a new version.

• Chemistry 1.4  (90933 v2)
• Chemistry 1.5  (90934 v2)
• Accounting 1.1  (90976 v2)
• Accounting 1.3  (90978 v2)
• Accounting 1.5  (90980 v2)
• Geography 1.2  (91008 v2)
• Mathematics and Statistics 1.2  (91027 v2)
• Mathematics and Statistics 1.6  (91031 v2)
• Mathematics and Statistics 1.12  (91037 v2)
• Technology 1.30  (91063 v2)
• Technology 1.31  (91064 v2)
• Technology 1.32  (91065 v2)


Schools are required to enrol students in the most recent 'External' achievement standards.

To ensure this occurs, KAMAR automatically updates markbooks for the current year to the latest version of external Achievement Standards.   This check occurs as part of the NCEA Results export to NZQA and also as part of the Daily Script.

In December - NZQA supplied (for the first time ever) the new standards file for 2012, which included new versions of the above externals.  (Note : we're not complaining they provided the file early - it's just it had an unexpected side effect)
These were processed by us and released to schools late December.

As a side effect - with the above new externals available in KAMAR,  the daily server schedule then automatically updated all entries to the newer versions.

Hindsight : If we had held off releasing the new standards file until the new year - this wouldn't have happened.

When schools import their results file - they will import the older version.  They will then end up with records for both the old version (published, with a result) and the new version (enrolled only, no result)


In your 2011 markbooks, for each of the affected standards :

1) Go to Main Menu - Setup - Database Tools - Edit Student Results, search for the relevant standard. If you search for 90976_2 in the type_num_version field, you will only get your incorrect version 2 results.

2) Go to the edit tab, then press delete, delete all found records.
3) Back in Markbook Setup : click on the cog button for the affected standard again.  You should now have an option to remove the standard
4) Finally, add the standard - but select the old version.

The following page explains how to add a standard to your markbook, selecting a previous version.


We have made changes to the automatic update, which will no longer automatically update to a new version of Externals after the September cut-off.  This will stop the issue happening again in future years.

We are investigating if there is a way to reliably downgrade markbook setups to the previous version, and remove the incorrect new versions.   An update will be posted with this fix if possible when available.