2010 Results File

NZQA will be releasing a new results file to all schools in the next couple of weeks.  This file includes the correct 'Official Literacy / Numeracy' status flags for all students.

Prior 2010 result files were incorrectly reporting a student as not having Level 1 Literacy and/or Numeracy if they achieved it in 2009 or earlier.

Once released, schools are encouraged to import this file to ensure students correctly show their 'Official Level 1 Lit / Num Results'

Level 1 Literacy / Numeracy 2011

We have been getting a lot of queries from schools, wondering why KAMAR is reporting a student as having L1 Literacy / Numeracy - when they don't have the required 10 credits in the 'new' Achievement or Unit Standards.

Most people are aware that for 2011 - it is possible to achieve L1 Lit / Num under the old 8 credit formula.

However - not many are aware that the new English, Te Reo Maori, Mathematics and/or Statistics Achievement Standards can count towards either the old
or new requirements.

The following NZQA circular clarifies this and provides examples of how this can work to a students advantage.

New Standards File

A new standards file has been uploaded (24th June 2011), which includes new Unit Standards released since February.

This will be downloaded into KAMAR automatically as part of the Daily script.   Please check the Admin ⇒ NZQA ⇒ Overview ⇒ Accreditation / Standards screen to confirm this has happened.

Note : Some new Unit Standards now include 'Excellence' as a possible result.  The next update to KAMAR will include support for this new result option.

NCEA Results File

Students set to 'Send in YYYY'

An issue has been identified that results in students that have been set to 'Send in YYYY', to be included in this years results file but with no entries.

eg. If you set all Year 10 Students to send their entries in 2012,  the students will still be in the entries file - but none of their standards.

This will be corrected in the next update.  In the mean time, if you are contacted by NZQA about this - please let them know it will be corrected shortly.

NZQA Circular S2011/023

The following circular was published by NZQA in May
This contains a couple of points which affect KAMAR, and as such we will need to release an update to all schools in order to comply.

1) V Result code :  This is no longer a valid result code.   Instead, internals are either withdrawn or remain as blank.

2) Reporting Entries in Internals :  NZQA are now requiring us to send entries in order for their internal monitoring purposes.

KAMAR Update 910

The next update will include changes to address both these key points.

It is our goal to result in no change of behaviour to the Markbook,  and therefore teachers.  Currently KAMAR only sends a Internal to NZQA once the 'Published' flag is ticked.  From the 910 update, KAMAR will start to send Internals to NZQA once the 'Enrolled' flag is ticked, but with no result - the 'Publish' flag will continue to indicate for the result to be sent.

Withdrawing Internals after 1st October

NZQA have indicated that schools will not be able to withdraw internals after 1st October and will instead need to leave as a 'blank' result.