FileMaker Updates

Can all schools ensure they are using the most recent version of FileMaker Server / Client.

This is especially important for FileMaker Server - as crashing issues have been addressed in the newer builds.

FileMaker Server  11.0v1  or  10.0v2

You can check what version of FileMaker Server you are running, by opening the Server Admin Console.  The running version is shown on the initial launch screen.

FileMaker Client  11.0v2   or  10.0v3

The version of FileMaker Client is shown on the splash screen during startup,  or by selecting 'About FileMaker Pro...' from the menus'

FileMaker Client 11

As announced at the KAMAR conference in May this year, we would like all schools to be using FileMaker 11 Client by the start of 2011.

From the 909 update (due January) we will be starting to use some FileMaker 11 only features.

Note : KAMAR will continue to work on FileMaker 10 - however some functions will work differently (or  with restricted functionality).  This will probably not be noticeable in the earlier updates.

FileMaker Server 11

As announced at the KAMAR conference in May this year, all schools should be using FileMaker Server 11.0v2

FileMaker Server 11.0v2 includes several key changes over earlier versions

• Backups are now performed as a shadow copy,  so the coffee cup due to backups running in FileMaker 10 Server is hardly noticable.

• Two key issues which can potentially cause FileMaker Server to crash have been addressed, including one issue that has existed since FileMaker 9 and is known to affect large schools using KAMAR.

FileMaker Server Setup

It is important that no other service attempts to access / modify / copy  the live or temp files used by FileMaker Server at any time the server is running.

Two key locations should be excluded from any backup / virus / shadow copy  software.

• Temporary Directory    (C:\Windows\Temp  or  /private/var/ )

• Live Database Files