With the recent addition of PROBE assessments in KAMAR, it has come to our attention that there are currently two versions of PROBE available to schools

Version 1 : PROBE 2002

Version 2 : PROBE 2009

All schools should be using the latest version 2009, released to schools for the start of 2010
These changes will not alter the general outcome when comparing results to those of earlier editions.

Most changes have been made to ensure the question types in this edition are in keeping with those in the all new PROBE 2.
Changes are mainly literal types reclassified as reorganisation. Whilst reorganisation is a type of literal question, information is found in at least two sentences and usually involves a referent. Though the difference may seem inconsequential to the general reader, it is more accurate and important for teaching the skills of reorganisation.

Snails have shells on their backs.They live in gardens where there are lots of plants.
To answer 'Where do snails live?' you have to link
They to the snails.
NOT ALL students can do this.