Updated 7 September 2010 : Added notes regarding school closures on page 2
Updated 30 August 2010 : Change to Truancy Column for absence codes S & I
The Ministry of Education have released revised attendance codes to take effect for 2011

All schools are encouraged to review this list prior to 2011, as there are some key changes to the use of each code.

Specifically :

• V (Study) clearly states it only covers on-site (unsupervised) study,  whereas X (Exam) states it covers exam leave (not at school).   Supervised Study should be marked as Present.

• Overseas : This now only covers a student travelling overseas for a specific purpose.  A student on a holiday no longer falls within this category.  A student on a school trip would be J.  A student on a family holiday would be E

Note : Most changes are a clarification on when each code should be used.