Updated - Thur 23rd April 2010

A new version of the BoT Elections file is now available - which includes the following changes
- fixed an issue when

- Letters : Now have full control over the whole page  (including space for header, name, address)
- Labels : Can not modify the label setup / margins if they don't suit your labels
- Import : fixed issue with selecting the file to import on Mac clients
- Voting Sheets : fixed issue with generation of random sheet reference, which was resetting when adding additional sheets, and may result in a duplicate sheet bring created
- Count Votes : fixed issue when scanning bar codes, which wasn't showing the last sheet scanned
This stand alone database can be used to manage your schools BoT elections.

Features include the ability to :
• print letters and voting sheets to eligible voters / candidates.
• Manage potential Candidates.
• Record results
• Print Results and Summary Information